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I said this multiple times before and early this season (if I hadn’t deleted my twitter account I’d find the tweets) but I said multiple times that I wanted to see the Chargers make the playoffs , and do so with a record good enough to host a game, so that the league would be forced to make a very interesting, and embarrassing, choice. I said it again after the Chargers beat the Chiefs in Kansas City in this article. How fun will it be to get a little revenge watching the Spanos family members responsible for dragging the team out of San Diego be forced to sound excited about the fact that the League is dictating to them that their “home” playoff game will be played at a stadium that isn’t their home stadium. Well apparently, this exact thing is being discussed, according to this article from Jason La Canfora. The league is reportedly worried about the AFC Championship being hosted in a 27k seat soccer stadium. So worried in fact Desmond King Jersey , that they are even discussing a Sunday Night/Monday Night NFC/AFC Championship lineup in the event that the Rams and Chargers are both hosting so they can both play there and have time to reset the field. Now, this is coming from La Canfora, who has been wrong before when citing unnamed “sources” as he does here. However, in this instance, his unnamed sources even offered up a quote. “Playing a game of that magnitude in a stadium that small is a big issue to a lot of people around here,” one league source said of Dignity Health Sports Park. “There isn’t any plan in place to move it now that I am aware of Authentic Russell Okung Jersey , but there was a lot of talk about that when it looked like the Chargers might win the division. I would expect there to be conversations about that through the weekend as things happen.”When you pair this report, with Russell Okung’s public accusation that Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t want the Chargers to host a game in their home stadium, it’s starting to look like more that a rumor.Which Chargers defensive player are you most looking forward to watching against the 49ers? It’s week 4 of the preseason and the roster is all but set. Which defensive player will you have your eyes on tonight?Isaac Gutierrez: It is Kyzir White. Up to this point it seems he has outplayed Jatavis Brown for the starting spot they are currently battling for. One more impressive game could put an end to the debate and win him the week one starting job.Cole Thompson: Kyzir White. He’s still learning who to transition from strong safety to weakside linebacker but has shown improvement following the last two preseason outings. Similar to Jatavis Brown, both are solid against the run but have the ability to play in coverage against running backs and tight ends out of the backfield. A strong game from the rookie could send Brown down the depth chart.Jamie Hoyle: I must be a glutton for punishment because I think I’ll be most focused on Jatavis Brown on defense. He hasn’t responded well to the training camp battle and has typically looked like the worst and least reliable linebacker on the roster this preseason. I’d hoping we’ll see more confident reads, more precise angles and, god willing , dramatically better tackling. I think the writing is on the wall for Kyzir White to open the season as the starting WILL, so now I just want Jatavis to show some pride and put his best foot forward as a backup. I know this much: he’d be hard pressed to be any worse than he was last week.Michael Peterson: I will be watching Jatavis Brown and Hayes Pullard. Both are heading in opposite directions than most people expected. Pullard looks much improved while Brown seems unable to put it back together. At the end of the day, we gotta trust that the staff will make the right decisions on the last few position battles still being fought for.Matthew Stanley: I’ll be watching 3rd round pick Justin Jones. He hasn’t played yet and interior DL has been a massive concern so far this preseason. The Chargers need to know what they have in the rookie, even against backups. I don’t want him to do poorly overall, but I’m almost hoping its a rough showing for him to give the team a little urgency to sign Johnathan Hankins, who they have already met with.Richard Wade: I’ll be keeping a close eye on Jatavis Brown. He showed so much promise during his rookie season Caleb Sturgis Jersey , but at this point, he’s actually in danger of being on the bubble for the first round of cuts. It will be very interesting to see how he responds to that pressure.Louis Gorini: I want to see Justin Jones. The Chargers have yet to solve the middle of their defense in my opinion and maybe Jones can be part of that solution. Depending on how raw he looks, could open up the door for a Johnathan Hankins signing, which I’m all for.Garrett Sisti: Anthony Lynn said the WILL spot is still up for grabs so Jatavis Brown is going to have to have a strong showing to make it a real competition. Justin Jones is another guy we haven’t seen this preseason so he’s a guy I’ll be watching closely too.Jamie Sewell: I’m looking at Jatavis Brown. I don’t think he’s necessarily on the roster bubble, but if he wants to be anything more than a Special Teams contributor this year, he needs to rebound in a big way from last week.Ruben J. Gonzalez: I will be looking to see if Justin Jones has the chops to hold his own and can contribute this year. Brandon Mebane is clearly not the Mebane from two years ago when he first came to the Chargers Cheap Melvin Ingram Jersey , so if Jones can be the person that can be trusted to start taking his snaps away, that will relieve a lot of worry. They say there is talk about Johnathan Hankins possibly signing with the Chargers. A great showing tonight could send that notion away to bed.Which defensive player will you be focused on tonight? Custom Minnesota Vikings Jerseys 
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WR Dylan Cantrell Stating His Case For Training Camp MVP Prior to the NFL Draft , wide receiver Dylan Cantrell was one of my personal favorites throughout the draft process. At 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, Cantrell possesses one of the highest recorded RAS (relative athletic scores) measurements ever recorded.For those of you unaware of the tool, RAS takes the height, weight, and all other measurements from the usual NFL Combine events and creates a score out of 10. Anything above eight is considered “elite.” As you can see below, Cantrell’s score ranks 30th out of 1 Tyrell Williams Jersey ,876 wide receivers tested. That puts him in the 98th percentile in his position.Obviously this measurement tool doesn’t have a 100% correlation to success in the NFL, but it gives us some context into just how gifted the young wide receiver is.Those in attendance have laid witness to highlight catch after highlight catch from Cantrell as he continues to distance himself from that dreaded roster bubble. After the team had a day off on Wednesday, Cantrell resumed his tirade on the team’s defensive backs:The highlight of the day might have been one of Cantrell’s easiest catches. As quarterback Geno Smith dropped a dime among dimes in 1-on-1 drills, #84 only had to open his arms as the ball sailed perfectly into his waiting hands.I’m not sure how long this momentum will last for Cantrell but I think he has done enough that, barring a giant meltdown during the preseason, he should be a no-brainer to make thisteam come final cuts.Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Kyzir White is a playmaker 5 takeaways from a Chargers’ blowout vs. Buffalo Bills - Alexander InsdorfDerwin James was a human wrecking ball on the field Authentic Keenan Allen Jersey , getting to Josh Allen with sacks, as well as playing some great pass defense. Kyzir White transitioned nicely into a linebacker role and made some great plays, including a great interception to seal the game. Uchenna Nwosu got a great sack in the first quarter and got four tackles to go along with it.Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn Requires Discipline and Accountability - Ernie PadaonThis likely was a soft call for the refs, but King was caught and penalized. Lynn was not having it. Lynn could have went right after the refs, but instead he went to his player and let him know that you cannot allow little mistakes like that in key positions. We were playing the Bills this time, but when you start playing the top teams in the league Youth Michael Schofield Jersey , these things matter!Melvin Ingram, Derwin James fill void left by Joey Bosa's absence - Eric Williams“I feel like we got good pressure, but we can always have more,” Ingram said. “We have to get back in the lab and keep practicing. We still have to try and get to the quarterback. If every passing play isn’t a sack, we can always get more.”PFF's Week 2 NFL Team of the Week - Gordon McGuinnessTransitioning to linebacker with the Chargers, White is clearly taking to the move well Womens Isaac Rochell Jersey , earning a spot in our Team of the Week. Showing off his ability as a playmaker, he had a pass breakup and an interception in coverage.Fantasy stats to know from Week 2 - Scott BarrettThrough two weeks, Ekeler is our single-highest-graded running back. Ekeler has 24 more rushing yards than Gordon on eight fewer carries. Ekeler is averaging more yards after contact per attempt (4.5) than Gordon is averaging in general (3.8). Ekeler has only 32 fewer receiving yards than Gordon but on 11 fewer targets (and two fewer dropped passes). Gordon has been much maligned for his career 3.80 yards per carry average, and though I think it’s unlikely, it is possible Ekeler turns this into a committee at some point in the season.Social Media Information:BFTB Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBFTB Twitter: Follow @BFTB_ChargersThe Lightning Round Twitter: Follow @Lightning_RoundThe Lightning Round Facebook: Click here to like our pageBFTB Manager: Richard Wade: Follow @RichardWade Custom Dallas Cowboys Jerseys 
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Since 2017 , the NFL has embraced player celebrations, ending decades of No Fun League attitude and turning it into a marketing ploy. But there’s still a glitch or two that the league needs to iron out.The biggest comes in the shape of a large red kettle that the Cowboys put in their end zone every Thanksgiving, leaving it there through the end of the regular season to promote the efforts of the Salvation Army to raise money for the less fortunate. Though the kettle is clearly part of the field, the NFL has fined Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for depositing $21 into the kettle following a touchdown, and for later depositing quarterback Dak Prescott into it. (Prescott got a warning letter for his involvement in the stunt.)Contrast that with 2016, when Elliott jumped into the kettle but didn’t receive a fine — even though the league had yet to change the rules to promote celebrations.Technically New Orleans Saints T-Shirt , yes, the use of the kettle as a prop violates the language of the rulebook, since only the ball can be used as a prop when celebrating. So why not change the rule?More importantly, what’s the reason for not changing the rule? There’s nothing about putting cash or teammates in the kettle that creates animosity between teams or otherwise sends a message that the league shouldn’t want to send. Instead, it promotes giving to the cause the Cowboys embraced years ago, with the kettle now in its 21st year of on-field use.Hell New Orleans Saints Hats , why not put a kettle in every end zone at every stadium, space permitting? If the NFL wants a free and easy way to be a responsible corporate citizen, the active incorporation of the Salvation Army kettle into touchdown celebrations at every NFL venue would do the trick.At a minimum, let players who play in Dallas have some fun with the kettle, including the players from the visiting team.聽Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore produced $23 from his pants last Thursday and dropped it into the kettle. Hopefully, he won’t be fined for it. Saints Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson is recovering after surgery Wednesday to relieve pressure on his brain.Via Mike Triplett of New Orleans Saints Womens Hoodie , the 60-year-old Jackson had suffered a recent fall and a subdural hematoma, and the procedure was done to drain the blood from the area and reduce the pressure.“He is resting comfortably, very alert and talking like himself with nurses, doctors and all around him,” his daughter Rickeyah told Ken Trahan of the New Orleans Saints’ Hall of Fame. “I want to stress that he is doing fine and that any reports otherwise simply are not accurate. . . .“One thing led to another from the fall. He is not walking around yet, but he is doing well. We are told that in a few days Womens Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys , we should have him back home. They had to drain it and relieve the pressure. The doctors said it was a routine procedure to lighten it. Despite what others may say or think, it has nothing to do with football or nothing to do with his cancer.”Jackson had prostate cancer surgery in 2015 but has been cancer-free since.He spent 13 years with the Saints and was part of their “Dome Patrol” linebacker corps which included Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, and Vaughn Johnson. Jackson played his final two years with the 49ers and won a Super Bowl. He finished with 128.0 sacks, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. 
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Analysis of new Saints WRs Michael Floyd & Brandon Tate | Who stands out on special teams? [Podcast] Camp Bodies or nah?That’s the discussion as Deuce and Ellias dig into the late breaking news that the Saints have reached an agreement with former Arizonal Cardinal 1st round pick Michael Floyd and return specialist Brandon Tate.The fact(s) of the matter is while these moves may end up being nothing on the surface if either of these guys stick. Yesterday’s transactions could be looked at as small pieces to a championship puzzle months down the line Womens Mark Ingram Jersey , or simply more moves made to fill a 90 man offseason roster.Tre’quan Da’ Don!!Meanwhile the Tre’quan Smith hype train is as real as a chance at love(bonus cool points for whomever catches that reality TV reference) as the rookie has made an impact early in training camp.The Saints have Michael Thomas as Drew Brees #1 WR but could Smith impress enough to wrestle the primary deep threat role away from Ted Ginn?WDC Question & AnswerWill the Saints keep 4 QB’s (28:11)Is P.J. Williams a possible candidate to be cut? (32:33)Who are front runners to be core Special Teams players(41:05)Thoughts on Dan Arnold and who are top 3 TE’s(45:22)Thought for the Day -There are multiple ways to catch your favorite Saints podcast! You can watch it on YouTube (to see the live comments from Who Dat Nation) or download it on iTunes/Google Play/Spreaker. As always, thanks for listening.Want to help keep the podcast on the air and film studies coming out? Consider becoming a Patreon sponsor. Whatever amount you wish to donate per month (1 dollar? 5?) helps us tremendously! There are only two teams on byes this week, but both the Lions and Saints have significant starters to replace at a few key positions.In addition, some notable injuries make the race to the waiver wire as frenetic as usual. The free agent pool doesn't have many appealing options this week, though, so if you need to fill a major need, try first to make a trade.RUNNING BACKSMIKE DAVIS, Seattle (14.5 percent owned): We have alerted you to him before, yet he remains vastly underowned. Davis does split carries with Chris Carson but his running mate is oft-injured and Davis seems to be the preferred goal line option for the Seahawks. He has three rushing TDs in his past two games. Seattle has a renewed emphasis on the running game so Davis should be rostered even as a part-time RB.WENDELL SMALLWOOD , Philadelphia (7.7): The Philadelphia RBs have been beset by injuries, most importantly to Jay Ajayi, who is done for the season with a knee injury. Smallwood could play an expanded role for the Eagles as soon as Thursday against the Giants. Smallwood carried 10 times for 56 yards and a TD and caught three passes for 35 yards when he was last asked to step forward for Ajayi in Week 3.RONALD JONES, Tampa Bay (18.2): Get ahead of the pack on this one. The Buccaneers have the worst rushing offense in the league and while the rookie has dealt with blitz pickup and receiving issues, he can still be dynamic with the ball in his hands. The Buccaneers desperately need to establish some sort of a running game to take pressure off Jameis Winston and keep their highly vulnerable defense off the field a little more.WIDE RECEIVERSCHRISTIAN KIRK, Arizona (11.4): The Cardinals rookie has registered double-digit fantasy performances in point per reception leagues in two of his past three games. Last week, he caught a 75-yard TD from Josh Rosen. The rookie QB has been erratic so far but despite some issues at that position, Kirk is starting to emerge as the team's top receiving playmaker, which has been needed with Larry Fitzgerald underperforming and battling some injuries.TRE'QUAN SMITH New Orleans Saints T-Shirt , New Orleans (1.0): Another rookie, Smith officially announced his pro arrival with three receptions for 111 yards and two scores on Monday night. Drew Brees does spread the ball around to many of his targets when everyone is healthy, but the Saints have been high on Smith ever since he arrived at training camp. He could force is way into the mix more and may not be just a big-play artist.MARQUES VALDES-SCANTLING, Green Bay (3.2); Yes, another first-year player worth adding. Valdes-Scantling stepped into a void for an injury-depleted Packers WR crew and caught seven passes for 68 yards and a TD, and came up just short on a second potential score. Availability at WR may continue to be an issue for some top Green Bay pass-catchers, and Valdes-Scantling may contribute at least as the Packers third WR in the near future, which will make him worthy of bye week filler consideration at minimum.TIGHT ENDSCAMERON BRATE, Tampa Bay (16.7): Winston is back at QB for the Buccaneers New Orleans Saints Hats , and O.J. Howard is out, so that means opportunities for Brate to cash in at least in the near future. He has scored in each of his last two games and in the previous two seasons, he caught a total of 14 TD passes working heavily with Winston. The Tampa Bay offense will be involved in a lot of shootouts and Brate is a prime red zone target for Winston.C.J. UZOMAH, Cincinnati (10.2): With Tyler Eifert out, Uzomah has been announced as the preferred TE of choice for Andy Dalton and the Bengals. Last week he caught two passes for 43 yards, but better times are ahead. The Bengals offense looks potent and balanced and Dalton will always strongly consider throwing to his tight end in scoring situations.QUARTERBACKSC.J. BEATHARD, San Francisco (3.1): He takes sacks and commits turnovers, and you will not start him in a one QB league, but Beathard is proving to be a capable fantasy backup because the 49ers will be playing from behind very frequently. You have to consider him as a streamer New Orleans Saints Hoodie , because in his past two games, he has thrown for 647 yards and four touchdowns.JAMEIS WINSTON, Tampa Bay (12.7): He may not win a lot of games but Winston has weapons in the passing game, a lack of run support and a bad defense that will force him to trade blows with opposing offenses quite often. There is going to be a lot of passing volume for Winston, and the high-scoring fun begins this week against the Falcons. Custom Los Angeles Rams Jerseys 
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