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. Ryan Fitzpatrick did everything he could to start a real controversy in Tampa at the quarterback position. In order to make whether or not Jameis returning in week four a tough decision as to who to start [url=]Youth Justin Evans Jersey[/url] , Fitzpatrick would need to really lead a dynamite offense these first three weeks. One week in and he has certainly accomplished a great start. The offense was firing on all cylinders in the pass game despite a mediocre ground game accompanying it. Should Fitzpatrick follow up this performance with a couple more similar games the coaches may face quite the dilemma in week four. Quick Overview shows a historic type performance on offense.The Buccaneers came out and had a franchise record tying offensive performance.The 48-40 score was the most the Buccaneers have scored in a game since they were crowned Super Bowl champions. The Buccaneers entered the half with 31 points setting a new team record for points scored by the team in the first half.The last point of emphasis as a whole for the offense was Todd Monken continuing to call plays in what looks to be an incredible step in the right direction for this unit. For a bit more on Monken and how he helped lead this offense, check out our own Jon Marchant’s piece on just that. Offensively the team was a well oiled machine.Ryan Fitzpatrick made smooth sailing of things with his own personal record setting day through the air. Fitzpatrick finished with a 156.3 quarterback rating in which he completed 75% of his passes for 417 yards and four touchdowns. Fitzpatrick’s scrambling was a perfect compliment to his own air attack while also lending the team a late 3rd down conversion to enter the victory formation.Peyton Barber got the start while rookie 2nd round pick Ronald Jones was a healthy inactive for the week one match-up. Barber averaged 3.63 yards a carry in the game; aided by a 23 yard scamper. Without the run, Barber was running at an abysmal clip 2.55 yards a touch. The receiving core was as advertised and some in this ballgame with two electric performances from Mike Evans and Desean Jackson who both eclipsed 140 yards receiving. O.J. Howard hauled in two passes for 54 yards while second year receiver Chris Godwin also came down with a few passes for 41 yards and a touchdown of his own. The offensive line got the job done, keeping Fitzpatrick upright for the better part of the game and allowing zero sacks. The holes for the running game weren’t quite enough to spark a consistent attack on the ground but the resilience and consistency to which they played as a unit was encouraging. Marpet and Jensen both showed some gumption in the ball game when standing up for their quarterback who received a couple late hits. The defense has much work to do.The front four landed the first sack of 2018 for the team via new addition Vinny Curry. The sack was the lone time they made it home on Drew Brees despite a few other opportunities, none better than Jason Pierre-Paul’s near sack that wasn’t. With Brees consistently taking three step drops and dishing the ball out quickly there was little opportunity for the front four to work their way into the pocket. The linebackers did what they do when it comes to the duo of Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David. The two combined for 18 total tackles, splitting the total at 9 combined tackles a piece. Adarius Taylor starting in the absence of Kendell Beckwith and tallied a lone solo tackle but with the defense in sub-packages most of the day, there was little opportunity for Taylor to make an impact. Alexander also had a forced fumble recovered by the Buccaneers in this game.The corners were short handed going in and pending new information, may continue to be shorthanded as Vernon Hargreaves III made an early impact in the game forcing a fumble that was recovered by the Buccaneers but ultimately had to leave the game with a shoulder injury. Ryan Smith found himself in good position and was able to pick up a fumble forced by Kwon Alexander. Smith otherwise had a choppy day on the field including a blunder that appeared to involve himself and Chris Conte as Brees connected with a wide open receiver in the end zone.Carlton Davis got introduced to the NFL in a rough manner as Brees attacked him early and often. With Grimes out it was a building day for the rookie as he now has some regular season game film of himself to digest. The safety play and how one views it depends largely on which safety you’re talking about. Justin Evans made a few plays in the passing game and had a huge early fumble recovery for a touchdown on defense. Conte led the defensive backs in tackles with 7 but had an up and down game defending the pass as one could expect facing the likes of Drew Brees. Evans finished with 5 total tackles. Two things that have been issues in seasons before reared their ugly heads in week one. 1) This defense struggles to defend big receivers and 2) this team struggles to defend shifty backs, in particular backs that catch the ball well out of the backfield. Kamar and Thomas dominated this game against he Buccaneers defense [url=][/url] , combining for 27 catches and 292 yards and 2 touchdowns. Special teams did their job. Shaun Wilson had one opportunity to take a kick out of the end-zone and he managed 29 yards on that very return. There was little wiggle room for punt/kick returns outside of that lone attempt via Wilson but the team didn’t make any mistakes and in turn, the offense was set up nicely on a regular basis throughout the ball game. Catanzaro missed a kick late but otherwise made an early 36 yard field goal while also nailing on all 6 extra point attempts. Anger had a single punt that went for 42 yards that got the job done despite not pinning the Saints too deep.Buccaneers at Saints open thread for Week 1 The Buccaneers open the 2018 NFL season against the Saints in New Orleans. There have already been plenty of headlines heading into Week 1, but none bigger than Saturday’s announcement where the team will be without veteran cornerback Brent grimes.Despite the setback defense, the team will be ready to unveil their newly revamped defensive line. They will be tested early on with putting pressure on Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees and making sure that the New Orleans offense does not beat them early and often throughout the afternoon.On the offensive side of the ball, the team will look to make the most of what they have to work with. Many have been anxiously waiting to see what rookie Ronald Jones II will bring to the offense, but he just doesn’t look ready after struggling during the preseason. Fortunately, running back Peyton Barber will be able to carry most of the load out of the backfield.A Twitter List by Bucs_Nation
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Saints 33 [url=][/url] ,. The game started out promisingly for New York, with the defense getting a stop on the Saint’s offense and the offense driving 75 yards for a touchdown. After that, however, things spiraled out of control for the Giants. We thought the team might have been on the verge of breaking out after their victory of the Houston Texans, but what have we learned about the team after their 33-18 loss to the Saints? The Giants need to come to play on offenseThe Giants’ offense has shown a distressing tendency to go in to a shell on offense. Too often we saw the Giants resort to short passes that traveled just a couple yards in the air against a Saints defense which had been the league’s worst to start the season. The plan seemed to be to try and control the clock and keep the Saints’ potent offense off the field and avoid a shootout. However, the Giants simply sputter when they go into their shell. It is too easy for defenses to contain the Giants’ playmakers and keep the game in front of them. It was the same problem we saw from the team against the Dallas Cowboys. The team needs to play with a wide-open throttle and try to win the game on offense, because if they play it safe, the offense just spins its wheels.The Giants can’t beat themselvesGiving up a first down on a fake punt. Fumbling the ball and nearly giving up a touchdown on the return. Penalties to kill their own drives and extend the Saints’. Mental mistakes leading to blown coverages or big plays. The Giants have the talent to compete, but not nearly so much that they can beat the opposing team and themselves at the same time. Unfortunately, the Giants have shown a tendency to do as much to beat themselves as the opposing team. The team made a point of bringing in veterans to help mentor and be steadying influences on the younger players, but there have simply been too many mental mistakes. The coaches have their work cut out for them shoring that up, but it might be too late to do much good in 2018.The defense has potentialDespite still being down two of their best players, the Giants’ defense played hard and contained the Saints’ offense for much of the game. They didn’t have any support from the offense after the first drive, but still played hard throughout the game. Ultimately [url=][/url] , they couldn’t get off the field when they needed to, instead shattering to give up a third touchdown to Alvin Kamara. They played too well to be in that position to begin with. Eventually Olivier Vernon and Eli Apple will return, and the infusion of talent at the edge and in the secondary is much needed. The Giants’ defense has the potential to be one of the better ones in the league, but they will need to improve their depth and find some more speed.The offensive line is still a problemThere were plays where the Giants’ offensive line gave the Eli Manning time to find his receivers. But all too often there were Saints’ defenders precariously close to Eli Manning, hitting him or affecting his passes. Pressure came from across the offensive front, left, right, and up the middle, but as we have seen time and again from Manning, it was the pressure up the middle which had the greatest effect. Manning is far from mobile, but he has the ability to navigate the pocket andget away from pressure off the edge. He has little ability to deal with pressure through the A or B gaps. The team needs to open the throttle for the offense to function correctly and Manning to play his best, but they just can’t block for it to do so on a regular basis.Jaguars 20, Giants 15: 3 winners, 3 losers from the Giants’ season opener The New York Giants lost their season-opening game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was an outcome that many expected as the Giants field a revamped roster in brand new offensive and defensive schemes against one of the best teams in the NFL. But while the final result was a predictable let-down, there were still individual performances that should be recognized — both winners and losers. There’s little doubt about who will be leading off our list of winners.Winners Saquon Barkley shows why the Giants drafted himThe Giants’ running game was largely bottled up by the Jaguars’ athletic [url=][/url] , explosive defense. On 17 carries, Barkley had 38 carries, Jonathan Stewart had 8 yards on 2 carries, and Wayne Gallman lost a yard on 1 carry. Throughout the first half, the Giants running backs averaged contact a half-yard behind the line of scrimmage. Then Barkley went and showed why he was the second overall pick and turned a dead-in-the-water carry on second-and-3 into a 68-yard touchdown run — one of the longest by a Giants’ running back since David Wilson was backflipping in the end zone.It seemed only a matter of time until Barkley would break loose for a big gain, but nobody was expecting him to do to Jacksonville what he did to so many college defenses.Odell Beckham Jr. is definitely backWould Odell Beckham be healthy for the start of the regular season? Would he still be the same player after breaking his ankle? Could he produce covered by Jalen Ramsey and the rest of the Jag’s talented secondary. The answer to all of those questions was an emphatic “Yes.” Not only did Beckham consistently separate against both man and zone coverage, to the tune of 11 catches for 111 yards, but he also drew a pair of pass interference penalties to generate hidden yardage for his offense. Beckham is definitely back, and it’s a game-changer for the Giants’ offense.Eli Apple comes up bigThe Giants’ secondary was one of its biggest question marks heading in to the regular season. The depth is a question, but even at the top of the depth chart there were questions about whether or not third-year corner Eli Apple could rebound from a horrific 2017 campaign. It is still early, but he had an excellent game against the Jaguars’ receivers. Blake Bortles consistently looked elsewhere, often targeting Janoris Jenkins early in the game. He did target Apple twice on would-be big plays, but Apple showed tight coverage and much improved ball skills to blanket receivers without drawing a penalty.The Giants’ defensive scheme needs solid one-on-one coverage to succeed, and if Apple can build on this performance, it will be an excellent development for the Giants.LosersThe offensive lineWe have to start here. Ereck Flowers will be remembered as the goat and the villain of this game [url=][/url] , but the offensive line as a whole had a horrific day. They were simply overmatched by the Jaguars’ front and were out-classed across the board. Flowers might have had the most spectacular failures, but every single lineman has a lot of work to do if the Giants want to keep to their promise of delivering improved offensive line play.If the line can’t improve, then the Giants’ offensive production will be because of the coaching staff’s schemes and individual efforts from players like Beckham, Barkley, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram. PenaltiesWith the Giants’ offensive line leaking pressure and precluding a run game, the Giants’ couldn’t afford to beat themselves. But all too often that is exactly what they did. Penalties from across the offense kept negating too many of the offense’s gains, knocking them far off schedule. The Giants consistently faced third and long situations and against a defense like the Jaguars’ that is an untenable situation. They did well to convert as many third downs as they did, but their sloppy play worked to the advantage of a defense which had too many to begin with.Kaelin ClayI hate to pile on to a young player who just joined the team. But having the game sealed by a turnover on a special teams play — a muffed punt by a returner who is on the team for his return skills — just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Not only does it put a damper on a fourth-quarter rally which showed the potential of the offense and defense. The Giants finally started to find an offensive rhythm in the third quarter, and Barkley’s electric play ignited the team and the fans. The defense shut the Jaguars’ offense down in the second half, holding them to 13 offensive points for the game and forcing every possession to end in a punt. But also, returning kicks is Clay’s ticket on the Giants’ roster, and having a play like that end any chance of last-second heroics and end the game on such a deflating note could put his job in jeopardy.
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 As I mentioned earlier [url=][/url] , one of the biggest surprises four weeks into the season is that the 49ers are having issues in their secondary. At the tail end of last year, it seemed like two rookies had locked up starting jobs for 2018 — CB Ahkello Witherspoon and FS Adrian Colbert.Colbert, a seventh-round pick in 2017, flashed in the last few games last year and suddenly became a fan favorite. The 6-foot-2 safety finished the season with 37 tackles, a couple of forced fumbles and five passes defensed in 14 appearances. Heading into training camp, it seemed like the position was Colbert’s for the foreseeable future.Yet, in the 2018 NFL Draft, the 49ers’ brain trust chose to use a 5th-round pick on an electric defensive back, D.J. Reed, out of Kansas State. After immediately earning the nod as a kick returner due to his blistering straight-line speed, Reed also has his eyes set on the free safety job. Colbert left with a hip injury in Week 3 against the Chiefs, allowing Reed to step in and impress the defensive coaching staff. With Colbert sidelined for a majority of the week during Week 4 practices, Reed earned the start this past Sunday at Los Angeles.“I think I was happy with Reed’s play...I thought Reed did a good job in the game. Improvement from last week before. I think he’ll continue to get better with more reps,” Kyle Shanahan pointed out this week when asked about the rookie’s performance. When asked about who the starting free safety would be this weekend against the Cardinals, Shanahan added, “I think Colbert will be healthier this week, which will give Colbert a much better chance to get his spot back. We’re one day into this. We’ll see by Wednesday how much better he is. But, I expect Colbert to get out there eventually, but D.J. got his opportunity because of health reasons. Sometimes all a guy needs is an opportunity. We’ll see how this week goes.”It sure sounds like once Colbert is healthy, he’ll get his starting job back, but how did Reed look on the field Sunday against quarterback Philip Rivers and the Chargers?While Reed only accounted for two tackles this past Sunday, I think one of the biggest pointers for his success was Rivers’ hesitancy to throw the ball deep. One of the NFL’s gun slingers, Rivers always wants to push the ball down field [url=][/url] , yet on Sunday, Rivers seemed hesitant to do so.On this first play here, Reed is shading over the left side of the field, allowing Chargers’ running back Austin Ekeler to be lined up one-on-one against 49ers’ linebacker Fred Warner. Rivers stares down Ekeler the entire way and finds him open for a touchdown down the right sideline. It seemed like Reed shifted over late and couldn’t get to Ekeler in time.On this next play, 49ers’ corner Jimmie Ward is lined up against Chargers’ wideout Tyrell Williams, where Williams makes a sensational grab. Once again, Reed is on the opposite side of the field, but is able to race over to tackle Williams immediately after the catch. Reed’s speed is on display here, not allowing any yards after the catch.The 49ers’ poor tackling this season has been well documented and here’s an example of exactly what they can’t be doing. Reed races over to Chargers’ running back Melvin Gordon and should be able to wrap him up on the sideline and prevent the Chargers’ running back from gaining extra yards. Instead, Reed puts his head down and tries to blindly hit Gordon, who bounces off and gains a handful of yards after. Reed has to clean up his tackling and can’t afford to miss tackles this poorly, especially if he aims to keep his starting job.Just as poor of a play the last one was, this next one was the absolute opposite. After Ekeler makes the catch, Reed seems like he’s running at a different speed than everyone else on the field, finishing off the tackle on the Chargers’ running back immediately.The 49ers have two solid athletes competing to be their starting free safety, but I’d lean on the side of starting Colbert for the time being. Reed’s explosive and his speed in the back would be phenomenal, but I’ll take Colbert’s experience in the short term.It’s time for 49ers to consider some changes to their defensive line rotation The San Francisco 49ers have made it pretty clear they are going to rely on their defensive line to pressure the quarterback. They are near the bottom of the league in blitzing, instead choosing to send their front four as the primary pass rushers.Through two weeks, the 49ers rank No. 19 in adjusted sack rate at Football Outsiders. From an individual perspective, DeForest Buckner has been the most productive of the team’s pass rushing options. Arik Armstead has a greater win rate inside (18.5 percent to 13.2 percent), but Buckner’s volume coupled with having more decisive wins results in a higher pass rush grade at Pro Football Focus.The group has work to do, but I suppose it’s not nearly as awful as it could be. If the team looks at some adjustments, we could see the group take a step forward. Most notably [url=]Cheap Mike McGlinchey Jersey[/url] , second-year defensive lineman Solomon Thomas deserves more time inside. He has done great work as a run stopper on the edge. That is his strength, and thus far has been the role that has generated the most success.However, in the few instances Thomas has been able to rush the passer from the interior, he has found success. Thomas has played 71 snaps on the defensive line through two weeks. Of that, 60 have been as either left or right edge rusher, and 11 have been what would qualify as the defensive interior, according to PFF. From those 11 snaps, Thomas has rushed the passer on nine. PFF gives him a win rate of 22.2 percent on those snaps. It is a small sample size, but it is higher than that of Armstead and Buckner. Odds are he would not hold up that rate, but it does show some measure of success inside.The 49ers have given DeForest Buckner more work outside than in previous years. Last year, he was an edge defender on two percent of snaps, according to PFF. In two games this season, that rate has increased to 17 percent. The 49ers are not going to make a significant shift in this direction, but getting Thomas inside more frequently in passing situations seems like a good way to beef up the pass rush. You could potentially have a line that includes Buckner, Thomas, Armstead, and Marsh, and maximize the pass rushing talent.Thomas took a step forward in Week 2, offering up a little more in both run and pass defense. He continues to do great work getting a hand on ball carriers in the run game. He also finished the game with four hurries, and looked solid rushing the passer from the inside. It has not exactly looked like what you would expect from a third overall pick, but it also seems like it has been enough to earn a bigger role. The 49ers defense faces a huge test this weekend against the Chiefs, and it might be time to try some new things to beef up the pass rush consistency.
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The Broncos are one of the dwindling number of teams with unsigned picks from the 2018 draft [url=]Womens Ben Roethlisberger Jersey[/url] , but they are set to move closer to having everyone under contract.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that first-round pick Bradley Chubb is finalizing his contract with the team on Thursday. Chubb, who was the fifth overall pick in April, will sign a four-year deal with a team option for a fifth season.

Per Klis, the four-year deal is expected to be worth a total of about $27.27 million with a $17.914 million signing bonus.

Chubb had 25 sacks and 54.5 tackles for loss at N.C. State and is expected to join Von Miller as an edge rusher on the Denver defense right out of the gate. How much playing time he gets in that role early in the 2018 season may be impacted by Shane Ray‘s wrist injury, but Chubb figures to be a prominent player sooner rather than later under any circumstances.

Once Chubb’s deal is done, third-round pick Royce Freeman will be the only unsigned Broncos pick and there will be 20 unsigned picks around the league.

UPDATE 2:31 p.m. ET: The Broncos have announced Chubb’s signing.


Sunday [url=][/url] , 1 p.m. ET, CBS

OPENING LINE – Colts by 1 1/2

RECORD VS. SPREAD – Cincinnati 8-8, Indianapolis 8-8

SERIES RECORD – Colts lead 19-11

LAST MEETING – Bengals won 24-23, Oct. 29, 2017

AP PRO32 RANKING – Bengals No. 24, Colts No. 30

BENGALS OFFENSE – OVERALL (32) [url=]Authentic Melvin Gordon Jersey[/url] , RUSH (31), PASS (27).



COLTS DEFENSE – OVERALL (30) [url=]Philipp Grubauer Jersey[/url] , RUSH (26), PASS (28).

STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES – Bengals and Colts meet for second time in 11 days, marking first time since 2014 NFL teams have squared off in preseason finale and regular-season opener (San Diego and Arizona). … Cincinnati has won three of last four openers and three of last five in series after snapping seven-game skid against Colts. … Coach Marvin Lewis is 20-14 against first-year head coaches. … QB Andy Dalton and WR A.J. Green enter eighth season together and are oldest players on Bengals’ offense at 30. … Dalton needs one 300-yard game to tie Boomer Esiason’s career record for most in franchise history (23), and nine passing attempts to pass Esiason (3,464) for No. 2 in Bengals history. … Green and Chad Johnson are tied for most career 100-yard games (32). … LB Preston Brown makes Bengals debut after sharing NFL lead for tackles (144) in Buffalo last season. … Bengals open with Sunday afternoon/Thursday night slate for second straight season. … Cincinnati will wear white color rush uniforms at Indy. …Colts’ Frank Reich makes head coaching debut and will call offensive plays. … Indy needs two wins for 300 since making move in 1984 from Baltimore. … Andrew Luck expected to make first regular-season start since Jan. 1 [url=]Tyler Johnson Jersey[/url] , 2017. Luck has at least one TD pass in 23 consecutive games, longest active streak in NFL, and tied for No. 19 in league history. … Indy offensive line allowed league-high 56 sacks last season. … K Adam Vinatieri needs seven field goals and 58 points to break Morten Andersen’s NFL career records in both categories (565 field goals and 2,544 points). Vinatieri needs five field goals between 40 and 49 yards to tie Gary Anderson (161) for league’s career mark. Vinatieri is oldest player in NFL at 45. … Indy has switched from 3-4 defensive front to more traditional 4-3 defense under new coordinator Matt Eberflus. … Safeties Malik Hooker and Clayton Geathers expect to line up side by side for first time in regular-season game after injuries last season. Hooker tore two ligaments in right knee in October. Geathers missed first nine games in 2017 with neck injury and had offseason knee surgery. … Fantasy Tip: Dalton and Green have connected for league-high 21 plays of 50 or more yards since 2011 and could take advantage of Indy’s new defense and young secondary.

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What is leadership Youth Kevin Labanc Jersey , exactly?

It鈥檚 difficult to quantify, and as a result there鈥檚 always a debate as to how important this phantom quality is to a successful sports team. It鈥檚 true that most teams that win the Stanley Cup are led by a good captain, but is the team better because of that fact, or is the captain considered to be good because his team is also good? It鈥檚 sort of a chicken-and-egg situation.

For today鈥檚 list I went ahead and looked back at all the men who鈥檝e worn the C throughout the NHL over the past decade. What I found was a list of strong, reliable leaders who could be counted on when it matters鈥攆or the most part. There were a handful of names that somewhat surprised me, however Blake Martinez Jersey , and that鈥檚 what today鈥檚 list is all about: the 15 worst captains in the NHL over the past decade.

Most of the players appearing on this list captained terrible squads, so perhaps it鈥檚 not their leadership qualities that sunk their teams. Nevertheless they were at the helm for some or all of their team鈥檚 ineptitude, ergo they earned a spot on the list. Enjoy:

CLEVELAND (AP) — Browns starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor will undergo more tests on a bruised left hand the team hopes isn’t seriously injured.

Taylor got hurt in the first quarter Thursday night when he fell out of bounds after throwing an incomplete pass. He left the game for two series to be examined but returned to play in Cleveland’s 5-0 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Following the game, coach Hue Jackson said X-rays taken on Taylor’s hand were negative. However, Taylor will have more medical tests Friday.

“Anytime your quarterback gets nicked like that, you are always concerned Torey Krug Jersey , but I think the fact that he was able to go back into the game was a good sign,” Jackson said. “I know we will make sure that we take care of it this week, whatever that is, and get him back to where he needs to be. I feel comfortable and confident that he is going to be OK, and that will happen.”

Taylor, who is in his first season with the Browns Kentrell Brice Jersey , remained in the locker room during the second half for treatment. He left FirstEnergy Stadium without speaking to reporters.

Jackson said Taylor was cleared by the team’s medical staff before returning to the game.

“We would not have put him back out there if he was not,” Jackson said. “We will check everything tonight and see where he is, but hopefully, everything will be OK.”

The Browns acquired the 29-year-old Taylor in a trade with Buffalo in March and intend to have him start while No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield develops. But that plan obviously would change if there’s an injury.

Taylor has impressed the Browns on and off the field since he arrived. He’s won over his teammates with an impeccable work ethic and established himself as a team leader. Last season, Taylor helped the Bills end a 17-year playoff drought.

Against the Eagles, Taylor finished 11 of 16 for 65 yards in five series before giving way to Mayfield. The Heisman Trophy winner went 8 of 12 for 76 yards.

Jackson said he doesn’t know yet if either of the quarterbacks will play in next week’s exhibition finale against Detroit.

The Browns were facing a fourth-and-goal at the 1 when Taylor got hurt. He rolled left and fired the pass while falling backward Patrick Marleau Jersey , and then landed on his left side without taking any contact. His arm was pinned under his body when he hit the ground, and as teammates waved for medical help, Taylor got up holding his left wrist and immediately ran to the sideline.

The sight of Taylor jogging off sent a shiver through fans at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Browns have been snakebitten at the quarterback position for years. Taylor was set to be the 29th different starter for the franchise since 1999.

Mayfield was impressed by Taylor’s toughness in going back into the game.

“That is who he is,” Mayfield said. “He is a competitor. He wants to be out there. He is the same way that I am in regards to that. He wants to be out there and playing with his guys.”

Mayfield was checked for a concussion in the second half after the independent neurologist requested it.

“I did all of the stuff on the sideline,” Mayfield said. “They got a call from upstairs to review it based on the video. That is just how it works.”

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The franchise with the most titles. The best player of this generation. The reigning champions. The probable MVP.

The NBA has its Final Four.

It certainly does not disappoint.

Boston’s win over Philadelphia on Wednesday night brought down the curtain on the postseason’s second round – one that wasn’t exactly loaded with drama Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey , since it was the first time since 2002 that none of the NBA’s four conference semifinal series went past five games. Cleveland swept Toronto, while Houston, Golden State and the Celtics all prevailed by 4-1 counts.

Everyone gets to catch their collective breaths for a few days, with the league going dark until the weekend. Cleveland and Boston don’t tip off the Eastern Conference finals until Sunday, and the Warriors and Rockets start their West title series on Monday. And yes, the Cavaliers and Warriors are four wins away from a fourth consecutive meeting in the NBA Finals.

A few things to know going into the conference finals:


Any list of anything this time of year basically has to start with LeBron James, still generally considered the best player on the planet even at 33 years old and in his 15th NBA season.

Cleveland’s star is trying to reach the NBA Finals for the eighth consecutive season – something only four other players have done, and they were all Boston Celtics. Bill Russell went to 10 straight title series, Sam Jones and Tom Heinsohn went to nine, and Frank Ramsey went to eight.

James is already the NBA’s all-time playoff leader in points, steals and minutes played. He’s fifth in playoff wins with 152, behind only Derek Fisher (161), Tim Duncan (157), Robert Horry (155) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (154).


This is the eighth time Cleveland and Boston have met in the postseason. Boston has won four of the previous seven meetings, but Cleveland has won the last two – including the East finals last season.


This is only the third Golden State-Houston playoff meeting, and all have come in the last four seasons. The Warriors are 2-0 in the series, winning both times in five games – the 2015 West finals and a first-round matchup in 2016.


Golden State is trying to reach the NBA Finals for the 10th time Jason Spezza Jersey , a mark that two other franchises have reached. The Los Angeles Lakers have made The Finals on 31 occasions (winning 16 titles), and the Celtics have gone 21 times (winning a league-high 17 titles).

If the Warriors successfully defend their NBA title and go back-to-back, it’ll be the franchise’s sixth time as the last team standing – and would tie Chicago for the third-most championships in league history, behind the Celtics and Lakers.


Houston’s James Harden seems like the probable winner of the NBA’s MVP award this season, with the only other realistic candidate for top honors probably LeBron James.

They won’t know who won until June 25 – after the season.

Regardless, they could wind up adding to a recent trend.

The league MVP has played in the NBA Finals in four of the last six seasons – James and the Miami Heat won titles in 2012 and 2013, Stephen Curry and the Warriors won in 2015 and lost to Cleveland in 2016.


Ray Allen is still the league’s all-time leader in playoff 3-pointers made, with 385.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are coming his way.

James is No. 2 on the all-time list with 346 playoff 3-pointers. Curry is No. 3 with 329 – in only 79 playoff games. Allen played in 171, and James has played in 228.


Here’s how the NBA season began, back on Oct. 17: Boston at Cleveland, and Houston at Golden State.

Almost seven months later, the conference finals begin with Cleveland at Boston, Golden State at Houston.


Winning Game 1 of any NBA playoff series is important; under this format that the league has been using since 1984, teams that take 1-0 series leads ultimately win those matchups about 80 percent of the time.

That’s even more pronounced in this round.

Of the 68 teams that have taken 1-0 series leads in the conference finals, 57 have gone on to make the NBA Finals. But four times in the last seven years, a team has dropped Game 1 in this round and made The Finals anyway.


The NBA Finals start May 31.

That means there could be a lot of days without basketball before then.

If both series end in sweeps – unlikely, of course Juuse Saros Jersey , but possible – the Boston-Cleveland winner would have 10 days off before The Finals and the Houston-Golden State winner would have nine.

Starting Thursday, there will be no games five times in a nine-day span. There’s no games until Sunday, and there’s no games in either series on May 17 and 18. Those needing a basketball fix on those last two days, fret not – there will be NBA Combine activities going on in Chicago on those two days.


The NBA’s playoff pool for this season is $20 million, and here’s a look at how much the four remaining teams have made so far in this postseason – along with a look at what they could get.

Rockets: $2,322,122. Would finish with $4,669,069 if they lose the NBA Finals, $5,864,018 if they win the title.

Celtics and Warriors: $1,646,226 each so far. They’d get $3,993,173 if they reach The Finals and lose, $5,188 Womens Lamar Jackson Jersey ,122 if they win the championship.

Cavaliers: $1,478,543. Would finish with $3,825,490 if they lose the NBA Finals, $5,020,439 if they wi

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Indians starting pitchers lead the American League in wins with a 44-23 record, and they’re second with an ERA of 3.39.

Cleveland’s remarkable starting pitching depth will be on display Sunday afternoon at Progressive Field in the finale of a three-game series with the Oakland Athletics. The teams split the first two games, with Oakland winning 6-3 on Saturday to snap Cleveland’s five-game winning streak.

Rookie Shane Bieber will start Sunday for the Indians. In a combined 17 starts for Cleveland and Triple-A Columbus, Bieber is 10-1 with a 1.77 ERA — and he’s the No. 5 starter in the Indians’ rotation.

The rotation is led by two-time Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer, who ranks third in the AL in strikeouts and innings pitched and is fifth in ERA.

The No. 3 starter is Carlos Carrasco, a 17-game winner last year when he finished fourth in the Cy Young Award voting. The No. 4 starter is Mike Clevinger, who in 38 starts since the beginning of the 2017 season is 18-7 with a 3.07 ERA.

“Good baseball starts with good starting pitching,” Indians manager Terry Francona said. “Having good starting pitching always enhances your chances to win, and we’ve got five very good starting pitchers.”

Bieber is the newest addition to that rotation, having replaced Josh Tomlin in the No. 5 spot. Like Tomlin, Bieber’s calling card is impeccable control. In his 17 starts between Cleveland and Columbus Youth JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , Bieber has pitched 107 innings and has 101 strikeouts and 11 walks.

In his five starts with the Indians, Bieber is 4-0 with a 2.97 ERA. His last start was the worst of the five, but he still won the game. On July 3, he was a 6-4 winner over Kansas City, pitching six innings and giving up four runs and nine hits with two strikeouts and one walk.

Sunday will be Bieber’s first career start against Oakland.

The A’s on Sunday will activate left-hander Brett Anderson (0-2, 7.63 ERA) off the disabled list and he will make his first start since May 18. Anderson was removed from that start after one inning because of a sore shoulder and placed on the disabled list the next day. In four starts before the injury, he was 0-2 with a 7.63 ERA.

Anderson will make his first appearance against the Indians since Aug. 27, 2012, when he pitched seven scoreless innings and gave up two hits in a 3-0 win. Only two players in Cleveland’s lineup that day are still with the Indians: Michael Brantley and Jason Kipnis.

In four career starts against Cleveland, Anderson is 2-0 with a 0.96 ERA.

The A’s on Saturday made a roster move, putting outfielder Matt Joyce on the 10-day disabled list with a lumbar strain, the second time this season that Joyce has spent time on the DL with the same back condition.

To replace Joyce on the roster, the A’s recalled outfielder Nick Martini from Triple-A. In 73 games with Nashville, Martini was hitting .308 with six home runs and 40 RBIs. This is his third stint with the A’s this year. In the first two, he was 1-for-10 with one RBI in five games. 
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Hamburgers and hot dogs are always great at a football game. How about some pimento cheese melts [url=]Bryan Bulaga Jersey[/url] , fried ravioli or a brat wrapped in a blanket of fried cheese curds on a pretzel bun.

Hungry yet?

For dessert, try a battered and fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich dusted in powdered sugar.

On a stick too. For easier eating, of course.

With the start of the NFL season, teams hit the field trying to show just how much they’ve improved. In the stands, the pressure is just as intense when it comes to feeding fans. Chefs spend weeks and months each offseason scheming up tasty new dishes to help lure people away from their couches and big-screen televisions into NFL stadiums and up to concession stands.

“We always try to add a few items every year,” said Camilo Baquero, executive chef for Delaware North, the food service provider for MetLife Stadium and home to the New York Jets and Giants. “We try to make sure that we stay competitive and trendy with the items that are being put out there. So we always challenge ourselves either to come up with a brand new item or add to concepts that may already exist here at the stadium.”

Inspiration for that fried PB&J sandwich served at New Era Field, home of the Buffalo Bills, came from the annual Erie County Fair. Executive chef Jonathan Wilson with Delaware North wanted to boost a stand at the stadium and took inspiration from the fair wanting to make an item that could be held with only one hand. A year ago [url=]Golden Tate Jersey White[/url] , they introduced a Polish kielbasa corn dog.

Creating this dessert on a stick required lots of testing. Wilson and his assistants made their own jams and breads with nothing clinging to a stick. Then they tapped the ingredients already used in the meal, and the crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich worked after a dip in the batter and 10 minutes in a blast chiller before frying. A stadium steal at $5.

“We figured it would hit everybody,” Wilson said. “Kids, adults, something fun to play with. That’s how they get legs on the menu. We obviously want to sell it, but we’ve got to have a good price point.”

That pimento cheese melt — with bacon no less — can be found at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

Some food companies like Aramark, which works with nearly half the NFL teams, tapped celebrity chefs to create some of its new dishes for stadiums . Cleveland native and Food Network star Michael Symon devised the B-Spot Red Zone Bratwurst with kraut, spicy mustard and Tony Paco’s pickles for FirstEnergy Stadium and his hometown Browns.

Hometown inspiration came easily to chefs at Lambeau Field, where fans can buy Brat in a Blanket: a brat wrapped in melted cheese curds inside a pretzel bun. Or they can grab a ham and bacon sandwich with sauteed onions and a beer mustard cheese sauce on a pretzel bun. Executive chef Heath Barbato calls it perfect glove or mitten food when the weather turns frigid in Wisconsin.

“Lambeau is still a king of selling brats and cheese curds and things like that [url=]Zach Parise Jersey[/url] ,” Barbato said. “So we always try to feed the fans that only get out to one or two games something different other than the normal food here.”

Sometimes new food items are held back until later in the season, or when a team makes a run to the postseason.

Fried ravioli and jambalaya aren’t usually connected with Jacksonville. But the Jaguars teamed with a company called Grunt Style this year to create a military-themed area in one end zone , and executive Sean Kinoshita looked to MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, in devising chicken and andouille jambalaya with dirty rice. Ravioli also is a popular MRE item, so they decided to fry them up with 10 ravioli per serving.

“It should be pretty decent deal,” Kinoshita said.

Fans decide just how good each dish is, of course, though chefs and their companies usually give an item at least a whole season to test its popularity. Demand decides whether a dish stays on the menu or winds up being replaced by something new, and companies closely monitor sales.

Baquero’s staff introduced The Fat Rooster spicy hot chicken sandwich a year ago [url=]Kyle Fuller Jersey[/url] , then looked for something that could appeal to more customers. That led to The Fat Rooster Drummies, chicken brined in buttermilk and hot sauce before being battered and fried and served with either a hot honey or honey mustard dipping sauce.

Jets fan Justin Sandomir, 40, of Nanuet, New York, and his 12-year-old son, Ryan, at a preseason game gave the drummies an early review.

“I like the crunch …” Sandomir said. “I like the dipping sauce. The spicy honey gives it that little extra kick that I like in my fried chicken.”

Sounds like a keeper.

As the NHL season is continuing to progress, all fans are very excited to see what their teams do during the trade deadline. In the upcoming weeks, we will be able to clearly see which teams will be definite buyers and sellers and who most likely will end up traded. This time of year is normally one of the most exciting ones because we are given a major shakeup聽of the league. However [url=]Ryan Murray Jersey[/url] , when big trades are made聽they do not always meet expectations and can often go down as busts. For example, although Kevin Shattenkirk is a very talented player and did fairly聽well with the Washington Capitals after the trade, it ultimately was a failure because they failed to win the Stanley Cup. At the end of the day, most deadline deals do not pan out with rentals.

With that said, in this article we will be looking at ten potential surprising deals that may happen this trade deadline and five obvious ones that should. The majority of players on this list are rentals. Others are superstars who have been in the rumour mill. If these moves were to go down, it would create a lot of publicity for the league and completely change each teams鈥?fortunes. Each move would be extremely beneficial, in theory, to the receiving teams. On paper they would be getting a player who would help their depth needs. Some players on this list are also legitimate franchise players who have been discussed in trade talks as well.

Nonetheless, let鈥檚 take a look at ten surprising NHL deals and five that are obviously going to happen!

linchao by linchao @
The New York Giants have released five players , but only one who saw action in a regular-season game last season.

The Giants announced the moves Monday, four days before the start of a rookie minicamp.

Released were safety Ryan Murphy Tavon Young Jersey , guard Damien Mama, receiver Canaan Severin Mike Green Jersey , running back Terrell Watson, and punter Austin Rehkow.

Murphy played in the final three contests in 2017 and had one tackle on special teams.

Mama was signed on Dec. 12 off the Chiefs' practice squad and was inactive for the last three games. Severin was in training camp and on the practice squad for a week. He signed a reserve/futures contract on Jan. 1 Jimmy Graham Jersey , the same day Rehkow was signed.

Watson was signed by the Giants on Jan. 24.

San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Arik Armstead has been sidelined by a hamstring injury.

The 49ers announced Tuesday that Armstead is week-to-week because of the injury. The team also said tight end Cole Hikutini will miss practice this week with a groin injury and right guard Joshua Garnett is day to day with a knee injury.

The Niners were able to activate five players who hadn't practiced since the start of camp last week. Receiver Trent Taylor (back), linebacker Dekoda Watson (calf) and guard Jonathan Cooper (knee) were taken off the physically unable to perform list. Linebacker Malcolm Smith (lower leg) and defensive back Marcell Harris (Achilles) were activated from the non-football injury list.

San Francisco also signed tight end Wes Saxton to a one-year deal and waived cornerback C.J. Goodwin.

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Gronkowski has clinched a spot in the Kentucky Derby starting gate with the colt's fourth straight victory.

Named for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski Authentic Alexander Wennberg Jersey , the Kentucky-bred colt won the Burradon Stakes at England's Newmarket by 1 录 lengths on Friday.

For the first time, Churchill Downs is allotting one spot in the 20-horse Kentucky Derby field to a European-based horse.

Trained by Jeremy Noseda and ridden by Jamie Spencer, Gronkowski moved ahead of Mendelssohn on the European Derby leaderboard.

Mendelssohn will try to qualify for the May 5 Kentucky Derby through the main Derby leaderboard with a victory Saturday in the UAE Derby.

Another spot in the Kentucky Derby field is being allotted to a Japan-based colt.

This definitely is extremely shocking to hear Alex DeBrincat Jersey , but sources have confirmed that Phil Kessel is in the trade rumour mill yet again. This is extremely shocking news because Kessel is coming off another career year and was easily one of the best players on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yet, there have been many reports that Phil Kessel has fallen out of favour with head coach Mike Sullivan and that could play in a major trade occurring. With the Penguins also having a plethora of young forwards who are ready for bigger roles, the Penguins truly may see this as the perfect time to trade away a potentially disgruntled winger.

With all that has been stated thus far Tim Heed Jersey , in this article, we will be looking at eight teams that Phil Kessel would accept a trade to and eight he would reject. It is extremely important to note that Kessel has all the power in a potential move to go down because he has a no-trade clause on his contract. However, if Kessel was presented the right opportunity to go elsewhere Malcolm Smith Jersey , he could dictate a move to the club of his choosing. It would definitely be extremely tough for Kessel to move on from Pittsburgh, as they helped rejuvenate his career and made him a winner. Yet, the NHL is a business and big moves are always a possibility.

Nonetheless Andrew Shaw Jersey , let鈥檚 look at the teams that Phil Kessel would and would not accept trades to!

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Stephen Strasburg will come off the disabled list and start for the Washington Nationals in their first game after the All-Star break.

Manager Dave Martinez says Tuesday the team also hopes to get back first baseman Ryan Zimmerman and closer Sean Doolittle against NL East rival Atlanta.

The Nationals host the Braves for a three-game series beginning Friday.

Strasburg is 6-6 this season with a 3.46 ERA in only 13 starts. He has struck out 95 and walked 19 in 80 2/3 innings.

The right-hander has been on the disabled list since June 10 with inflammation in his throwing shoulder.

Zimmerman has been sidelined since May 10 with a strained side muscle.

Doolittle had to give up his spot in the All-Star Game after hurting his left foot by tripping over a mound. He hasn’t pitched since July 6. The lefty has a 1.45 ERA and has converted 22 of 23 save opportunities this season.

The Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey took in nearly $3.5 million in sports bets during its first nine days of accepting such bets.

And most of that came from two weekends that sandwiched a dead period for major professional sports caused by baseball’s All-Star break [url=]Mathew Barzal Jersey[/url] , when there was little to bet on, with basketball and soccer World Cup over, and football and hockey months away from beginning their seasons.

Meadowlands operator Jeff Gural told The Associated Press it accepted just under $3.5 million worth of sports bets since it began taking them on July 14.

”We did OK,” Gural said Monday. ”Our goal the first weekend was to exceed $1million which we did. The next four days were quiet with nothing to bet on due to the All-Star break.”

This past Saturday [url=]Chester Rogers Jersey[/url] , with baseball having resumed, the track took in over $650,000, and additional bets on baseball and other sports came in on Sunday.

Gural said he is pleased with the track’s initial performance ”despite the fact that we are not at full strength and only have 10 live tellers windows open.”

The FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands will be expanded. It is located in East Rutherford [url=]Womens Luke Kuechly Jersey[/url] , in the same sports complex six miles from New York City where the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets play.

So far, two tracks, the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park, and two Atlantic City casinos [url=]Devan Dubnyk Jersey[/url] , the Borgata and Ocean Resort, offer sports betting in New Jersey. But many others have applied for permission to begin offering sports betting, in person and online, before the start of the NFL season in September.

Monmouth and the casinos reaped $16.4 million in the first two weeks of June.

New Jersey won a U.S. Supreme Court case on May 14 clearing the way for all 50 states to offer legal sports betting should they so desire. It began offering sports betting on June 14.

The latest statistics on how much the casinos and tracks took in from sports betting will be released by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement on Aug. 14.

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