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The enterprises are going mobile. Period. All around us [url=http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-jerome-baker-jersey]Cheap Jerome Baker Jersey[/url] , businesses are mobilizing their internal and external processes. From education to banking to healthcare, to even the government, everyone is investing in mobility. If there is a function you perform in your life today, chances are that there is an app for it.

Most of this growth has happened in a short span of the last few years and for a large part, has been unplanned. Most organizations rush into mobility either as a knee jerk reaction to competition, or in too much haste to have time to strategize. Here are 10 considerations to be thought about when planning your mobile journey.

1. Strategy is a must 聳 don聮t address mobility as a tactical move. It has to be strategic initiative with long term vision and objectives. Remember, mobility is going to be here till the end of your carrier. So plan and execute for success.

2. Integration is the key 聳 mobile interfaces are not stand alone pieces of code. They need to be integrated to the internal enterprise systems to deliver value. Mobile solutions connected to integrated internal corporate solutions are the future of business. Plan for these integrations.
3. Focus on visibility [url=http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-mike-gesicki-jersey]Cheap Mike Gesicki Jersey[/url] , measurement, and KPIs 聳 whatever initiative you embark upon; ensure that you have defined KPIs and metrics against which you can measure the degree of success. Unless you do this, you would never be able to gauge the ROI and the value created by the project.

4. Bring in the intelligence 聳 tying your BI platform in and giving it a mobile interface makes a lot of sense, because it allows the key decision makers to have access to the information which in turn allows them to take informed decisions. In case you are still debating what project to invest in this is a good idea.

5. Context awareness 聳 Time, location, situation, priority and task awareness are features that take a mobile application to the next level. It helps you design products not for mobile devices [url=http://www.authenticsmiamidolphins.com/cheap-minkah-fitzpatrick-jersey]Cheap Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey[/url] , but for mobile people. This increases the value delivered by the product manifold.聽

6. Collaboration and social networking 聳 Unless you employ a workforce of super men, and even if you do, it is work gets done by teams. These teams may not always be geographically co-located at all times. Therefore, giving them an interface to collaborate and work together through an on the go interface really helps productivity. Enterprise social networking allows your workforce to share ideas, knowledge, and collaborate in an informal way.

7. Embrace the change 聳 Adoption of the M-life will bring in changes to the processes, procedures, and culture of your company. Ensure that you and your employees understand this, and are ready for it. Training and documentation along with internal evangelization are some important steps towards easing this transition.

8. Real time decision making 聳 The M-revolution is all about productivity, comfort, and agility. Unless can operate faster and better than before, there is no point in investing in mobilization. An important factor for an agile corporation is the ability to make quick decisions, and mobility initiatives should enable this at all levels of the hierarchy through dashboards, alerts#4# and other smart interfaces.

9. Operations optimization 聳 Action taking is as important as decisiveness. The operations teams should also be plugged in to the work management and assessment interfaces so that the workloads can b distributed and managed efficiently. This is especially important for field operations kind of distributed workforces.

10. Continuous improvement 聳 Don聮t stop evolving even if you have a good solution. Work on making it great, and see how success can be replicated in other parts of the organization.

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